Friday, 18 May 2007

Where I draw

Yesterday afternoon and evening I have to confess I was feeling very gloomy and despondent, having sold only four cards in six hours at the craft fair! I felt like I'd wasted the day, when I could have done so much drawing. But after I'd sat down and made use of the remaining daylight I thought that actually I'm pretty lucky. I'm here, I've got something I love doing (even though I find it hard and frustrating at times), and I definitely shouldn't be miserable just because nobody bought my cards! I did get positive comments about the prints of my three dog drawings which made me feel good. As I got very little done yesterday in the art department I'll just post a pic of 'Ducky' on my table top drawing board, which is a fairly new acquisition and has made drawing much easier for me - I used to have my paper flat on the table and got dreadful back and shoulder ache from bending over for hours. The drawing board swivels to vertical or horizontal positions and tilts to any position too! As you can see I am not the tidest of people! In fact, I work surrounded by clutter. I don't like it but we have very little storage space so it's unlikely to change. 'Ducky' is nearly finished, I just have work to do on his feet and the background and then I'll show him off properly.

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Jan said...

Oh, what a shame, guess they were people with short arms and deep pockets. Maybe a weekend event would have more people coming who haven't such an affliction!