Friday, 11 May 2007

Stinky Miss Taivas and Ghillie stage three

I'm up earlier than usual this morning, today I want to start my next art piece as well as finishing designing and printing cards for next week's craft fair.
I had a lovely walk in the forest yesterday, with my lapphund and my friend and her two flatties. You can see photos on my flickr pages or at her blog which there is a link to on the right - she is 'Forest Walks'. We saw deer (so did Taivas, oops!) and also a few foals. The most amusing part of the walk was that Taivas (my lapphund), who is quite a fastidious little dog, fell into a bog. She was carefully picking her way around the drier places to get back to me when - PLOP - in she went. Both of us were laughing so much we didn't get a photo. Goodness she did stink! Home for a hose down which did not amuse her either.
Now here is the latest on Ghillie and the point that I always start to have doubts as to whether the drawing will be any good. I still find rendering fur very difficult, also getting the shading right to give the depth. I keep telling myself "patience and practice". I am always in a hurry to get a piece finished - I must learn to slow down!


Jan said...

I've just found your blog through a link, then another link. Just wanted to say your drawings are fabulous. Will look forward to seeing more. Have you done any of Cavs?

Karen said...

Hi Jan Thanks for visiting. As yet I haven't done any cavaliers. They are lovely dogs though so maybe one day if I get a decent photo. I take photos of dogs when I'm at shows but at champ shows cavaliers aren't on the same day as me.

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen! Your dogs shaping up really well :D

Sorry about this are blog Tagged! It's explained better on my blog. You don't have to do this if you don't want to, you really don't :) ...but it's fun trust me :D

Jan said...

Hi Karen, well as you may have guessed, I have a cav! She even has her own blog..... If you look at the links down the side of my blog you will see "My Emma the dog blog" Say no more. A bit of fun. Maybe her photos aren't of the type you would need though, but if so, feel free to copy or I can email more, she is the most photographed dog in the history of the world. (There's also loads of her dotted about my blog too) :D

Karen said...

I will take a look Jan, though it would be some while before I attempt a Cavalier drawing - I have a long list of future projects!