Friday, 11 May 2007

I've been tagged

I've only had a blog for five days and I've been tagged - thanks Wendy! It sounds like a lot of fun but gives me a little problem as I don't know seven other bloggers yet. I'll do my best though. For those that I have tagged here's what you do. First write in your blog seven things that not many people know about you, then give the names of seven bloggers that you are tagging & why. Go and leave a comment at their blog telling them they've been tagged. So here goes with my seven things.

1. I have a phobia of fungi, in particular mushrooms. Yes, it's weird! I can't look at mushrooms, touch them or even have them in the house much to Clive's disgust.

2. I have the auto immune illness systemic lupus erythmatosus. I was diagnosed 18 years ago.

3. I have extremely poor sight - ok, my friends know that already!

4. I lack self confidence and have never, ever taken anything back to a shop and complained.

5. I've run a dog training class for 15 years, it absolutely terrified me when I first took it on but I'm just about getting used to it now.

6. I have an appalling sense of direction, no let me amend that to I have no sense of direction! I could get lost in John Lewis (actually I frequently do)! Btw JL is a department store.

7. I actually like spiders!

Now, who can I tag. I might have to come back and edit this if I find more people.

1. My friend Mary, her blog is Forest Walks. We've known each other a while but only started walking together last year, finding a shared love of wildlife and photography. I'm tagging her as she would do it to me if Wendy hadn't already done it.

2. Gayle Mason - Fur in the Paint. I only know Gayle from her blog and her brilliant tutorials which have given me so much help. I hope she'll forgive me for tagging her.

3. Jan - Down Yonder Green Valley. I only know Jan because she left a comment here on my blog so I've started reading hers!

While I'm on I'll add a picture I did a couple of years ago - it's one I'm still quite proud of. One that gave me a good feeling when I completed it.

1 comment:

Gayle Mason said...

Love the Blue Tit Karen.
I've forgiven you for tagging me, it's good fun finding out little snippets about people.