Wednesday, 23 May 2007

African journey wip two

I've done very little on my elephants today but I'm going to post an update anyway, mainly because I realised after posting yesterday that you couldn't really see him clearly at that size. So today I've cropped it down just to the part I'm working on and will upload it at large size - you should be able to see it - including the imperfections! I'm thinking I should take a leaf out of another artist's book (yes that's you, Wendy) and get working on the background before I do much more to the elephants. The thing is, I don't really do backgrounds! Or at least only ones that are one colour. Grass and sky will be rather a challenge for me LOL.

I'm really liking working on mountboard, I can see I will use up the small supply I bought quite quickly. It's a lovely smooth surface and takes the colour easily.

I have so many future projects planned that I think I have enough for the rest of this year - and into next! In no particular order - a robin (thanks Jan), a New Forest foal, a meerkat, a kookaburra, a zebra (can't you tell I've been to the zoo recently) and my Ashley! Plus I have a possible commission or two which I take on purely as more practice, I don't charge anything for them. (Or not yet anyway, she thinks hopefully!)


Jan said...

It's looking good so far. I love elephants, have a small collection of Tuskers in my display case. You have a wonderful talent.

Mary said...

I love the texture you are getting on the trunk.

Karen said...

Thanks to you both for the positive feedback.