Thursday, 10 May 2007

More about me and more Ghillie

As you know I'm an amateur artist living in Hampshire, UK. I live there with hubby Clive and our four crazy dogs! Actually only three are crazy (my dogs), one is quite sensible (his dog) LOL Mine are two flatcoated retrievers and a finnish lapphund, his a labrador. Two are now oldies, nearing their twelfth birthday and sadly we know we won't have our labrador for much longer. She has a tumour in her hip which has eaten away at the bone. For now she is still enjoying life, lying in the sunshine in the garden during the recent spate of warm weather we have had.

Over the years I've participated in many of the dog 'sports', but now I just show my youngest - she went to Crufts this year, which was fun.

Back to art and the fabulous Ghillie. Here he is at stage two, with his nose completed too. As I'm doing the rest of him I go back and add little touches to eyes and nose but nothing that makes any major difference. How I wish I had begun drawing years ago - I would be so much better by now!


Mary said...

Its very interesting to see Ghillie taking shape.

Karen said...

Thanks for visiting and commenting, the next stage will be posted tomorrow.