Thursday, 17 May 2007

No art today!

I had very little time for drawing yesterday and consequently I have no progress on my 'Ducky' for you. I was frantically busy all day, walking dogs - taking dog training class - shopping - walking dogs! Then when I finally had some time in the evening I ws getting ready for todays craft fair. It's only my second attempt to sell the cards I make, mainly from my art and photographs but a few crafty ones too. This time I am also taking along some mounted prints of three of my pictures, see below. I bought some lovely art silk and art matt paper to print on and they do look beautiful, especially the one of Taivas. By this evening I will either be happy and chirpy or gloomy and doomy, depending on how the day has gone. LOL


Jan said...

Well, how did it go? Hope you sold loads, if not, people have no taste at all. :)

Karen said...

Jan, I'm full of gloom and doom LOL, I was there six hours and only sold four cards! The friend I shared the table with only sold four too. I did get some positive comments about my prints but no buyers.