Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Elephants at a standstill

It doesn't look as though I'll have much time for art this week. I didn't get to draw at all yesterday, (time again to do some wages paying bookkeeping work) and it doesn't look as if there'll be time today. Of course I could be drawing instead of writing this! My recent book sale has just ended so I have books to pack up and get sent off, need to do that asap to get some much needed funds to cover my recent spending spree!LOL I'm off to a dog show tomorrow, so have to groom Taivas this evening, then a committee meeting tomorrow evening, dog walking and shopping for a camera case on Thursday and somehow I've got to fit in a haircut. Phew! So if this space is a blank until Friday you'll know why!

I'll leave you today with a drawing I did about three years ago, my first and only horse. I guess it's not very good but I was pleased with it at the time. Btw it was done from a book of tutorials by Lee Hammond.


Dalila said...

it's beautiful

Anonymous said...

Nice drawing Karen, thought I recognised it, that book by Lee Hammond is very good.

oldcrow61 said...

Very nice Karen.