Sunday, 20 May 2007

Very little sleep and a very quick sketch

Those of you that have been reading my blog since the start will know that I like my sleep! Last night I only got four hours - and today I had to be up and away very early to get to a dog show where I was helping rather than showing. I've felt dreadful all day and just got back a short while ago - that will tell you that once again no time for art. I did get some nice photos at the show which will hopefully be good enough for some future projects, a lovely young rottweiler male and a delightful young whippet.

So for today I'm just uploading a sketch. I started doing these quick sketches a couple of weeks ago, in an effort to improve my freehand drawing skills. I set myself a time limit, try to draw without erasing (or very little) and then look to see what is wrong with it. This one of Taivas (which took seven minutes), has I think captured her personality but unfortunately she looks as though she's reflected from one of those fairground distortion mirrors LOL. She's rather long and thin!

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Anonymous said...

Hello - thanks for visiting my site- looks like I have found you. I love the picture of Ghillie. I will bookmark this as a favorite site now and come back and spend some time looking at the beautiful art work, it might inspire me to get back to doing it again.