Thursday, 29 November 2007

One month later

Looking back at November, I realise I have spent quite a lot of time at Blashford Lakes nature reserve. This place is a real gem, it's so easy to while away an afternoon there. Five hides in various habitats, pleasant walks through trees, around lakes etc. It has so much to offer I can see us returning many times more. I have seen my first great spotted woodpecker and my first jay. Getting really close to some of the woodland birds is a real treat. Some pics for you later.

On the art front, I am still no closer to doing any work on my little robin, he lies folorn, no doubt gathering dust, on my drawing board. He was going to be this years Christmas card but too late now - maybe next year. Of late I find I am torn between photography and drawing, although I can't draw at present because I need a daylight lamp, I also haven't the inclination. Maybe I'm just choosing the wrong subjects and should stick to drawing dogs.