Sunday, 13 May 2007

Ghillie in all his glory.

Here I am on a very wet Sunday morning, later on it will be me that's wet as I plan to take the flatties into the forest. Poor dogs, I've not been feeling well enough recently to give them a long run so I've promised myself that I'll make the effort today.

Taivas has just made an attempt to wake to neighbours nice and early by hurtling round and round the garden saying "grrr grrr" as she goes. That is the nearest I can get to putting the funny noise she makes on paper - it isn't a growl or a bark but somewhere in between. One of her endearing little ways! LOL

On to the art and the main point of the day - my completed 'Ghillie'. I must say, I am pretty pleased with it. It isn't perfect but I'm improving with each piece which is the important thing. 'Ghillie' is now on his way to be with his owner in the USA, I felt quite sad as I carefully put him in his protective envelope - he's the first piece I've done that has left my possession.

I've uploaded it at a higher resolution than than the other stages so you should be able to click on him to see a larger version.

Sorry folks, I've tried three times to get an image that will enlarge and it's just not working and I haven't a clue why.


Mary said...

I am sure Ghillie will be displayed with pride when he reaches his new home!

Jan said...

The finished drawing is fabulous.

Karen said...

Thanks Mary & Jan.