Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Little duck progress

I didn't have much time for art yesterday, having had training with Taivas, then being out and about in the afternoon - returning my daylight lamp, very annoying. And it has to go back again, when we got it home we quickly discovered (despite trying it briefly in the shop), that it had the same fault as the first! I did manage to make some art purchases while I was out though so all was not lost. LOL I have bought some mountboard in several different colours and sizes, I know a couple of artists who never use anything else. I'm looking forward to trying it, maybe even for my very next piece which will have an African theme!

When we eventually got home I HAD to do some proper, paid work! Without my little bookkeeping job I couldn't buy my art stuff, do any dog shows, go to concerts etc etc.
Oh, and yesterday I had one of my Flickr photos go into the top 500 for the day it was posted! My first one for ages to make it. (Flickr has nearly 500,000 photos added daily, so the top 500 is quite nice, though not necessarily an indication of quality, more that the photo has great appeal or is unusual in some way)

Now here's 'Ducky' stage two, he's improving I think. I wanted to tackle his rock fairly early on as I wasn't confident about doing it, but I'm ok with how it's turned out. Not brilliant and I don't have the wet sheen that it has in the photo, but I hope it does look like a rock!

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