Saturday, 19 May 2007

Chocolate cake & presents

I know this is meant to be my art blog but I have to share my chocolate cake with you - it's just a shame you can't taste it LOL More presents, I'm so lucky - a beautiful book about the New Forest, a dvd boxed set of Charmed, plus some other books. I should be kept out of mischief for a while with all those to read and watch and not forgetting my next art project - which I should have started today but haven't! Guess what - I've been reading and eating chocolate cake! There's a reason for the paw prints - Raffles (from Mary's Forest Walks blog) is very keen on having some of my cake - the paw prints are his! LOL


Mary said...

Raffles thinks you deserve to get very FAT for not sharing your cake with him!!!

Serena said...

OH that chocolate cake look deliciously scrumptious!!!

Belated Birthday Wishes to you ~

I just discovered your delightful blog today and plan to visit often. Great work! :)

Karen said...

But Raffles, I'm only thinking if your health - chocolate cake is very bad for dogs!

Serena - thank you for visiting and for the birthday wishes.