Sunday, 19 October 2008

I'm back, with a wildcat!

Ok, I know it has been many months since I've posted and even longer since I've done any drawing. I finally decided to have another go, this time attempting a scottish wildcat, done from a photograph that I took back in May on a photography day at The British Wildlife Centre. I'm doing this drawing on drafting film, my first time using this surface. There's things i like about it and others I don't. The surface doesn't accept many layers and I'm used to adding loads of layers to give depth and definition. On the other hand the pencils (I'm using prismacolors) glide on effortlessly so it isn't as hard on my hands. Anyway, here is the first scan, I've done it with black paper behind though that may not be how I finally present it.


Jennifer Simmons said...

Hey, welcome back :-) Interesting technique! Love the effect on the eyes.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Karen, great to see you drawing and posting again. The start of your cat looks great, although I am not so good with the drafting film myself. Look forward to seeing it progress.