Tuesday, 29 January 2008

bird watching

I have been doing a fair amount of bird watching recently both in the garden for birdwatch weekend and elsewhere. After the disappointment of putting feeders up in the garden last year and not getting any birds I bought another multi feeder and sited it in a different place and quickly the birds have started coming, with more arriving everyday! I've also been to Keyhaven Marshes, Blashford & Lower Test. Here are some of the many photos. The turnstone was a bird I'd never knowingly seen before, also the snipe at Lower Test was a first. It's exciting for me to have siskins in my garden, six weeks ago I'd never even seen one. Also, although I've seen a nuthatch before, yesterday was the first time I'd managed to photograph one.


Gayle Mason said...

Your photographs are really good, I love the Nuthatch one.
Your Robin is coming along nicely, I'll keep dropping in to watch.

Jan said...

Yay, great that you have some birds coming to the feeders at last! Must have just been a question of being in the wrong place, something must have been putting them off about the previous location. (btw my feeder has a bath too, but I found the birds were constantly feeding above it, no matter how I positioned the ring, and it was always full of poo!)

Mary said...

We Have been very lucky with our birdwatching in the last couple of weeks. Love the Nuthatch one.

Jennifer said...

Hi Karen.
Wonderful pics & drawings, as always. Love the nuthatch & woodpecker.
I have linked to you from 20milesaday.blogspot.com.