Sunday, 6 January 2008

So here we are............. 2008, Christmas has been and gone and I am feeling very flat after all the festivities. I'm really hoping to get back into my art - I got some new pencils for Xmas - Derwent Coloursoft, so I'm eager to try them out. I've also ordered some drafting film, I've been keen to try this for a while. Just have to decide on a subject!
Had a couple of nice walks recently and also popped up to Hatchet Pond where we were surprised to see three swans (two adults & a juvenile), two cormorants and a pair of grebe. Only the swans were in photographing distance though. Also will post a couple of pics from our last visit to Blashford, where I saw my first siskin & was lucky enough to get a pic of that and also of a great spotted woodpecker. Although I took the woodpecker through glass, it has come out well.


Pete said...

love the swan

Jan said...

Welcome back, glad you're blogging again. Lovely photos. Now go give Mary a nudge.... ;)

Anonymous said...

As always super the young swan and blue tit in particular......hope to see some artwork soon.