Thursday, 20 November 2008

Christmas Robin

A success story this is not! I was reasonably happy until I started the background and then things started to go wrong. My plan was to use a Derwent studio pencil and smooth out the colour with a tissue - it is a technique I've use before with good results but this time it wasn't working. I resorted to using a watercolour pencil and blending the colour with damp cotton wool, scary getting the drawing damp! At least it has rescued it from going in the bin.


Jan said...

Karen, he's lovely. Little Bouncer would be so proud to know he is now on the internet for all time.

Karen said...

Thanks Jan for stopping by. I'm gald you like how little Bouncer has turned out. Thanks again for allowing me to use your photo.

Julie Oakley said...

Karen, thank you for all the comments on my One Mile from Home blog. I have been overwhelmed with work and so hopeless at replying. I was very interested to read what you wrote about Fairshott Court. I wonder if it was originally built as a college building.
Your coloured pencil work is terrific. I find I'm so horribly slow with coloured pencils that I can rarely afford the time to use them.
Have you seen Katherine Tyrrel's blog - she's an absolute mine of information and a must for anyone who likes coloured pencil as a medium.