Wednesday, 31 March 2010

First layer of fur

I'm plodding on with the tabby cat, still finding the pastelmat an unfamiliar support to work on. I don't actually dislike it but it is very different, particularly as I was getting used to working on drafting film which is so smooth and the pastelmat is like a sanded surface. I have to remember to keep sharpening my pencils! The light has been bad for working, so wet out it makes indoors very gloomy.
Although I'm not happy with this piece it will be worth finishing it. I'm really hoping it will get me back on track. I'll never be able to work for hours at a time again as I find my eyes get sore and start watering after a fairly short time. But short spurts will be better than nothing.


Anonymous said...

I like it. I wasnt sure if it was a photo or a photoshoped photo or what. Im still not sure how you did it. I hope you continue with it until you are totally satisfied.


Karen said...

Thank you Turquis. The drawing is just a drawing! Done using several layers of coloured pencil.