Friday, 24 August 2007

egret, heron and swans

I've got myself in a muddle - the swan photos were taken before my Wales trip, the heron and egret after. The afternoon we went to the pond the Cob was having a session of preening, splashing and flapping his wings - a fantastic sight. Watching the swans and their seven cygnets throughout the summer has been such a privilege - I know I'm going to feel really sad the day we go to the pond and they're no longer swimming about.

I shan't have much to post over the next three weeks, my dog walking friend and fellow photographer and wildlife enthusiast is off on a fantastic holiday to Canada!
When I view my blog, sometimes it's not showing the photos - can others see them?


Anonymous said...

Wow Karen these shots are excellent, love the swan one.
I can see your photos no problem here.

Pete said...

photos can be seen and look good

Jan said...

Hi Karen, yes I can always see your photos, it was Mary's that I sometimes had a problem with, but not lately. I love the photo of the swan which is making that lovely shape, you'll know the one I mean! Shame your walking activities will be curbed for a while, pity we don' live closer, now that my friend Irene has moved back to Essex, there's lots of places I can't go any more either because they are too lonely to risk going on alone, so I am down to about 4 places now where I will feel "safe"

oldcrow61 said...

I can see the photos as well. They're wonderful.