Thursday, 28 June 2007

Wet, wet, wet and windy!

What a weekend - first of all the journey took eight and a half hours when it should have been about five and a half. That was due to appalling weather plus appalling traffic - oh, and a car catching fire and burning out about twenty cars in front of us! We had one reasonable day but after that the heavens opened and stayed open. I had to virtually paddle round the ring when I showed Taivas, it wasn't a good idea to wear linen trousers LOL. On the Monday morning my friends had to battle with the wind and rain to get the awning down while I had the cushy job of dog watching in the motor home. Then we had to be towed off the campsite as the van had sunk into the mud! But for all the problems we had fun and there was lots of giggling!
I will try and get on with some art soon, meanwhile a few photos - the first evening's sunset, a lovely water feature on display at the show and Taivas, Bracken and Eli being very well behaved in the motor home! (We actually had seven dogs with us!)


pencilwizard said...

Oh crikey Karen, all that rain, what a journey you had.The dogs look none the worse for it though lol, sitting there all handsome and proud. Love the water feature pic,touch's the heart.

Jan said...

You poor thing having that awful journey and weather. I know where you are coming from too though, my partner and I lived in a 20' motorhome for over three years with three dogs! We had some giggles too, but we never had to be towed out of any fields luckily!

The photos are lovely, the water feature is fabulous.

oldcrow61 said...

Beautiful dogs. The water feature is wonderful. What a time of it you must have had.